WHO WE ARE: Living Well Today International is a comprehensive, holistic wellness rehabilitation practice offering multiple paths that lead to restoration of the body electric. Our team is diverse and knowledgeable, with one vision. Together, creating culture of prevention.

WHAT WE DO: Living Well Today International & The Solamar Solution provide rehabilitation programs for individuals suffering with autoimmune, neurological and metabolic concerns. Using bio-communication, we look for stressors that impact various organ systems, detoxification pathways, the central nervous system, hormone balance and inflammation. With cutting edge bio-energetic therapies and the highest quality supplements on the market, we offer solutions that facilitate restoration.

WHEN IT ALL CAME TOGETHER: Founded in 2002, as a family owned and operated business, the vision was clear that healing comes from treating the whole person. From personal experiences that led to seeking answers, our company embarked on a journey to provide a place where one could reclaim their health by restoring, repairing and reconnecting the body system. One cell at a time, this vision has become a reality.

WHERE IT ALL HAPPENS: Our full service office and supplement boutique in Richmond, VA allows us to service local clients and those in the Mid-Atlantic who drive for in person consults. Also offering appointments remotely, via phone and computer, we are able to see clients all over the world from our office.

WHY NOW: Traditional medicine has become more about treating symptoms and less about finding the “why”. Asking the right questions and going beyond symptoms allows us to work toward finding the right answers. The right treatment, at the right time, for the right reasons. Living Well Today works within the disciplines of science, specifically quantum physics, body chemistry, neuro-immune research, nutrition, functional medicine and rehabilitation to treat our clients. If you want to be well, now is the time to think in a new way and let Living Well Today help you achieve your goals.

Happy Clients

After years & yrs of doing ZYTO with Michael we continue to be amazed every single time! I've had my whole family scanned & the details he has been able to pinpoint have been priceless. Mahalo! Jill W.
In the spring of 2008, our son Coleman was profoundly ill. The illness, which was a mixture of PANDAS, Toxic Mold, and Lyme Disease also caused him to have fears and he was only able to be around the three of us in his immediate family. For anyone else to enter the room, demanded a desperate situation. Melanie C.
My family and I are patients of Michael Payne. We have been since 2004. With the help of Michael, and the zyto, we are feeling great. The latest help was when I had a stiff neck. I couldn't turn my head more than 15 degrees in either direction. I first tried a Chiropractor, then I went to a sports medicine dr. We had an mri done, and nothing was helping. I was trying physical therapy and then they wanted to put me on muscle relaxants. I didn't want to take any medication unless absolutely necessary. So, I decided to give Michael a try. The zyto indicated I had some kind of parasite like Lyme's disease possibly. Anyway, I was given a natural rememdy, and within 3 weeks I could turn my head. Betsy T.
My teenage son has suffered from severe migraines for the last few years. He was experiencing an average of 4-5 migraines and 8-10 other headaches per month and missing an unacceptable number of school days. We have been working with Michael for the last four months and the change has been amazing. My son has only had one migraine during this period and it was because he decided that he was fine and could stop treatment. He has been headache free again since following Michael's advice. Thank you Michael Payne!! Michele M.