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“Start off on the right brain.”

Have you heard that ADD/ADHD now occurs, on average, in five to twelve percent of children in the United States?  That’s a staggering and alarming number!  It seems to be commonplace to know a child, grandchild, loved ones, friends, and/or neighbors effected with these neurobiological disorders.  In fact, I, too, was diagnosed as a child with ADD and as a result, struggled through school.

LWTI is here to offer hope!  LWTI’s program, Focus Forward offers our very own protocols designed to improve focus and ADDPICconcentration in children and adults, as well as restoring hope.  Neurobiological disorders, like ADD/ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, and Dyslexia all have a breakdown of communications between the brain and body. Unfortunately, it has become common procedure to treat these behavioral disorders with stimulant drugs.  This is a problem because the drugs only temporarily mask the symptoms and do not identify or fix the underlying causes.   Focus Forward was designed by LWTI to identify the causes of these communication breakdowns so that they can be repaired, and focus and self esteem can be restored.  We use state-of-the-art technology to do a thorough assessment of your child’s brain, diet, and immune system.  LWTI then creates a personalized neuro-recovery program directed at correcting the imbalances and improving neurological functions as well as reducing the behaviors and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD and other spectrum disorders.

I am proof that this program works.  Diagnosed with ADD and Dyslexia, I struggled in school.  I was often frustrated, embarrassed, and saddened which led to my lack of interest in school.  Now understanding this disorder more, I am living proof that it can be overcome.  In addition to running my own business, I am currently working on obtaining my N.D. and am able to concentrate and perform my job duties successfully!  Don’t let your child lose interest in school due to embarrassment and frustration; help them before it gets to that point. I take this matter very personally and would love the opportunity to better your child’s life as early as possible to save them from what I went through.

If your child or loved one is suffering from these disorders or is having trouble concentrating and performing in school, please call us at 804-562-8554 and ask about our Focus Forward.  We will investigate to determine the personalized program needed for you or your loved one.

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Happy Clients

After years & yrs of doing ZYTO with Michael we continue to be amazed every single time! I've had my whole family scanned & the details he has been able to pinpoint have been priceless. Mahalo! Jill W.
In the spring of 2008, our son Coleman was profoundly ill. The illness, which was a mixture of PANDAS, Toxic Mold, and Lyme Disease also caused him to have fears and he was only able to be around the three of us in his immediate family. For anyone else to enter the room, demanded a desperate situation. Melanie C.
My family and I are patients of Michael Payne. We have been since 2004. With the help of Michael, and the zyto, we are feeling great. The latest help was when I had a stiff neck. I couldn't turn my head more than 15 degrees in either direction. I first tried a Chiropractor, then I went to a sports medicine dr. We had an mri done, and nothing was helping. I was trying physical therapy and then they wanted to put me on muscle relaxants. I didn't want to take any medication unless absolutely necessary. So, I decided to give Michael a try. The zyto indicated I had some kind of parasite like Lyme's disease possibly. Anyway, I was given a natural rememdy, and within 3 weeks I could turn my head. Betsy T.
My teenage son has suffered from severe migraines for the last few years. He was experiencing an average of 4-5 migraines and 8-10 other headaches per month and missing an unacceptable number of school days. We have been working with Michael for the last four months and the change has been amazing. My son has only had one migraine during this period and it was because he decided that he was fine and could stop treatment. He has been headache free again since following Michael's advice. Thank you Michael Payne!! Michele M.