Q.U.B.I.T. 300


Living Well Today International introduces the world’s first total immersion quantum reset environment.

The Qu-BIT 300 is a state-of-the-art wellness device that fuses five subtle energy technologies to restore the Human Bio-field. Bio-physicists believe that the bio-field is an intelligent and self-organizing structure responsible for managing all body function, including cell dynamics, biochemical reactions, movement of vital energy, emotions and physical coordination. The Qu-BIT 300’s breakthrough bio-infusion technology successfully RECHARGES your body for optimal potential. No energy, no recovery! It takes 50 years for a good idea to become a treatment. Why wait? Introducing…the Qu-BIT 300!

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Traditionally, biology and medicine have focused on biochemical reactions between protein, DNA and other molecules. One false assumption of today’s scientific paradigm is the space between THINGS is empty. New discoveries tell us that is simply not true. There is a very rich environment of vibration, frequency, oscillation, and bio-photon movement whose

rhythm determines the fragile dance of life. Biology has a great history of  examining a specimen by cutting, pinning, extracting and fractionating, which only gives us a static atomistic view of an organism. The problem is this view is limited. Life happens in a living organically conceived, electro-magnetically charged-matrix and we need to understand our quantum nature and how it works as it lives.

The Qu-BIT 300 is the world’s first EMF shielded quantum reset environment that blends proprietary subtle energy technologies such as, pulsed wave therapy, vibrational structuring,

magnetism. bio-photo modulation, and digital homeopathy into a dynamic single point therapy. By harmonizing the frequencies and vibrations into a scalar rich zero-point experience, The Qu-BIT 300 removes congestion and negative energy responsible for disease. Combined with LWTI’s proprietary protocols and research-based treatments, this therapy is known as the Solamar Solution.

Happy Clients

After years & yrs of doing ZYTO with Michael we continue to be amazed every single time! I've had my whole family scanned & the details he has been able to pinpoint have been priceless. Mahalo! Jill W.
In the spring of 2008, our son Coleman was profoundly ill. The illness, which was a mixture of PANDAS, Toxic Mold, and Lyme Disease also caused him to have fears and he was only able to be around the three of us in his immediate family. For anyone else to enter the room, demanded a desperate situation. Melanie C.
My family and I are patients of Michael Payne. We have been since 2004. With the help of Michael, and the zyto, we are feeling great. The latest help was when I had a stiff neck. I couldn't turn my head more than 15 degrees in either direction. I first tried a Chiropractor, then I went to a sports medicine dr. We had an mri done, and nothing was helping. I was trying physical therapy and then they wanted to put me on muscle relaxants. I didn't want to take any medication unless absolutely necessary. So, I decided to give Michael a try. The zyto indicated I had some kind of parasite like Lyme's disease possibly. Anyway, I was given a natural rememdy, and within 3 weeks I could turn my head. Betsy T.
My teenage son has suffered from severe migraines for the last few years. He was experiencing an average of 4-5 migraines and 8-10 other headaches per month and missing an unacceptable number of school days. We have been working with Michael for the last four months and the change has been amazing. My son has only had one migraine during this period and it was because he decided that he was fine and could stop treatment. He has been headache free again since following Michael's advice. Thank you Michael Payne!! Michele M.