Over the last 10 years, astounding new discoveries in molecular nutrition and bio-physics have caused scientists to revise theories on how human cognition is maintained.  A decline in neurological health, caused by a perfect storm of environmental insults, lack of nutrition, heavy metal toxicity and genetic predisposition is responsible for premature aging.  Your brain is starving .

A detoxified and nourished brain is essential for Intelligent Aging.

Intelligent Aging combines our years of experience in cutting edge technologies such as homotoxicology, molecular nutrition and biophysics to provide a new paradigm for a strong and energetic brain.

In 2002, Time magazine reported that inflammation is the most significant cause of premature aging.  Microglial activation, a process that tangles the communication system of the brain (neuronal damage) is the beginning of long-term chronic disease.

Our cutting edge program is designed to reduce inflammation, restore cellular communication, and increase blood flow and oxygen, making the brain more vital.  Along with nutrition and homotoxicology, the Solamar Institute’s advanced work with bio-photonic modulation, using far-infared lasers, has reduced inflammation up to 20% in the brain.

As you can see, no single pill solution can feed a starving brain.  A culture of prevention that starts early is essential for Intelligent Aging.

Our Solamar Solution* Biosurvey, used for Intelligent Aging and brain support:

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*Note:  Solamar is the research section of Living Well Today, International