An old doctor once said to me “disease starts on the plate”, however today world is much more complicated. Chemical laden drinking water, toxic farming practices, medical side effects and environmental insults have spun a perfect storm for the chronically ill. The toxic cabal is advancing so fast that conventional treatment methods cannot compete. Patchworks of therapies offer symptom relief but never address the underlying issues. Even alternative practitioners give bags of supplements without consideration to geneticsolamar_features, gut integrity and toxic burden. Our worldview is limited and cannot meet the emerging demands of the new toxic world.

The single pill solution days are gone … An integration of many disciplines applied in a consistent manner over a period of months not weeks is the only way to stem the tide of a toxic world. Living well today through its strategic medical partners and the experience of 3000 patients offers the SolaMar method, a bioenergetics model of health that considers energy, matter and information as the new paradigm in holistic health .


SolaMar method: The SolaMar Method started from a scientificly based nutrition therapy program until one day we asked the simple question,” can you fix an electromagnetic issue with biochemistry”?

The answer was no. There is so much more than chemistry in the body electric and we need to find the answer before it is too late. While chemistry is essential, it does not stand alone as a mediator of true health. Energy and information provide important quantum feed back loops for the body to achieve homeostatic balance. In the body electric communicating molecules email, text and tweet into a social network of life providing information for true health. A short Google search on signal transduction and biophotonic modulation will reveal where bioenergic medicine is moving across Europe. The Solamar Method grounded in the concepts of Physiological Regulating Medicine is leading this holistic model in restoring physiology of the subtle energy system by increasing the effectiveness of communicating molecules. The result is greater vitality to defend ourselves in the new toxic world especillary for individual with Autism, Lyme and other Neuro Immune dysfunction.

Physiology Regulating Medicine or PRM represents the most up-to-date integration of conventional, alternative and biogenetic medicine available today. Based on PRM principals the SolaMar method includes the most recent knowledge of pulsed light therapy homotoxicolgy, psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology (PNEI) and nutrition. Our innovative approach combines the essential elements of the best integrative therapies for optimal clinical results.

One of the fundamental points in PRM is the holistic vision of the human body as a complex system that works in a synchronized level of interdependence.

Our approach to treating clients can be considered as a global strategy in which the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system communicate and cooperate with one another through a complex system of energy matter and information in which any treatment or intervention in one system bi directionally affects the other.

Methological Premises

The SolaMar method can be regarded as a rehabilitation approach that views the body as an eco system governed by a neuro-immune-endocrine network and regulated by a sensitive ligand receptor control mechanisms using precise concentration of hormones, cytokines, peptides for maintaining homeostatic balance. These communication molecules provide information flow and feedback loops for cell cycle regulation, epigenetic expression and the metabolism of proteins.

The Origin of Disease

Physiological Regulating Medicine considers the human body as a steady state flow system , meaning an open system into which exogenous stressor can penetrate or endogenous stressors leading to alteration of the homeostatic balance.

Deposits of toxin in the interstitial space of the connective tissue are the first sign of chronic disease. Toxins including heavy metals, virus and denatured protein fragments pollute the extracellular matrix and inhibit communication. An intoxicated matrix no longer carries out its defense, structural or filtering functions. Matrix congestion will no longer allow the passage of oxygen and nutrients from the capillaries to the cell membrane. The information molecules will no longer be able to carry out immunological defense function.

Through the process of Progressive Vicariation toxins move deeper into the intracellular space causing deeper disease states. Vicariation creates an imbalance in the neuro immune endocrine network resulting in medical conditions from allergies to cancer.

Our bodies respond to Progressive Vicaration with a complex network of adaptive events, such as the release of Tnf-alpha, Il 6 and cortisol, activating the stress response.

Constant stress causes the body to adapt to a non response closing down membrane receptor, a process that leads to intractable chronic disease. Only by recovering the physiological function of the matrix, using detox and drainage programs along with bio-phontic modulation can cell membrane function be restored.

For a long time, loose pericellular fibrillar connective tissue was studied for its function in supporting the parenchyma, unaware the true role of this tissue is that of the system of base regulation. Connective tissue and the extracellular matrix is the true interface between the “external world” (vessel system) and “internal world” (cell membrane receptors). Leaky Gut – Leaky Vein – Leaky Brain.

Test evidence indicates that changes to the matrix affect cell dynamics. There is a vast amount of energy and information stored in these levels and transmitted to cells for proper function. The matrix informs the cell membrane how to act. The fragile relationship between cytokines, neuropeptides and hormones control the entire ecosystem. The delicate system that regulates the balance between health and illness are also found in the matrix-it is here that PNEI information travels.

The SolaMar method focuses on the role played by the matrix in physiopathological process and makes it the privileged target of our therapy.

The Solamar Intensive

We are known for the statement “when you have seen one child with autism… you have seen one child with autism”. One thing that is evident in our two thousand kids not one of them is the same. But is that statement not true for Lyme or autoimmune patients? The kids have taught me that personalized therapy is key for the restoration of health.

At the heart of the SolaMar Method is advanced energetic testing powered by Zyto Pro. For past five years we have authored the most informative Bio Surveys available. Using a system of filters with biological redundancy, this bioenergetics device allows us to look for complex stressor affecting the life of our clients and how to balance them in the most effective way.

The body has as many as 400 million chemical responses a day leaving a trail of information and tells your personal story. Our galvanic response device listens in to that conversation providing invaluable information. Stressful responses indicate possible patterns of dysfunction. Careful review of the patterns by our holistic health practitioners to design the most effective program including Diet, Drainage and Detoxification, Targeted Nutrition, Homotoxicology and the most advanced Cold Laser and BioPhotonic system in the world today.