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Apo-Infekt by Pekana

apo-INFEKT - For Remedy of bacterial and viral infections. Acute bacterial and viral infections can be treated successfully with the help of apo-INFEKT drops, which work as an immune system stimulant and biological antimicrobial to eliminate pathogens.

Unlike allopathic medications, this plant remedy does not burden the body, but rather helps stimulate an immune response and eliminate toxins that can block the metabolism.

Its antibacterial qualities are essential for treatment of acute infections of the bladder, kidneys, bronchial and other organs.  Infections, such as, bronchitis, tonsillitis and otitis media indicate the need for apo-INFEKT drops, which also stimulate the lymphatic system and address accompanying symptoms such as fever and weakness. In addition, apo-INFEKT drops treat intestinal tract infections to help neutralize toxins.