Collection: MitoSynergy

A Better Quality of Life MitoSynergy is the answer to a better quality of life. Once you experience the changes brought about by taking MitoSynergy, you will want to share it with anyone you know that experiences neuromuscular discomfort. The confirmed efficacy of the combined nutrients in MitoSynergy may increase strength and energy while reducing discomfort and fatigue. It is a proprietary blend of nutrients that has direct impact on human cell energy producers, the mitochondria. MitoSynergy has a patent pending nutrient complex that is not found in any other product in the world, Cunermuspir Complex, containing Copper and B-3. This vital metal nutrient participates as a dynamic component for essential physiological functions. Cellular copper uptake and release is kinetically rapid. Growing evidence highlights the importance of orchestrating transient copper accumulation, compartmentalization, and efflux events within mitochondiral compartments at a molecular level. The brain’s high copper demand, along with growing connections between copper misregulation and neurodegenerative diseases, point to the particular importance of copper homeostasis in this unique biological system. Copper is an essential trace element that is involved in the formation of red blood cells, energy metabolism, enzyme reactions and improvement of overall health and healing. It is an anti-inflammatory egent that stimulates the immune system to repair damaged connective tissue and may also help to protect bones. Copper is so essential to the human body that copper deficiencesies can lead to symptoms such as brittle bones, low resisitance to infections, lethargy, sores and edema. The Cunermuspir Complex has been optimized to dramatically improve the absorption of copper into the mitochondria of human cells on a molecular level. There it can help biochemical reactions occur involving energy production, hormone synthesis, supplying oxygen to the brain, and brain stimulation. Neuromuscular health can be improved by its stimulation of the production of ATP (energy source) in the mitochondria thereby increasing strength and energy.