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7 Color LED Light Mask

7 Color LED Light Mask

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💡BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SKIN: Our LED Light Therapy mask features 7 unique colors of light for a wide variety of skin benefits. The mask can be set to red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple or white light modes and also can be set to an adjustable timer. Use the mask daily as part of your skin care regimen.

💡 EFFECTIVE, RECHARGEABLE, PORTABLE: LED light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy efficient and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of red light therapy can now be achieved at home in just minutes. Much like we need nutrients from food and water, our bodies need light to function optimally as well. The mask is powered by a rechargeable controller, so you aren't limited to being plugged in to a fixed power source like a wall outlet. The battery is a 1,000mAh lithium battery.

💡7 COLOR MODES: Our light therapy mask uses clinically proven wavelengths of red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white light for the perfect light therapy treatments. These wavelengths work by stimulating the mitochondria in our cells to produce more cellular energy. When our cells have more energy, they are able to carry out their functions better, which can lead to improved health and appearance.

💡DIMMABLE & TIMER FUNCTION: Our mask delivers these clinically proven wavelengths of light at the perfect power output nd offers full coverage of your entire face. There is an additional neck/decollete attachment that is sold separately to cover your neck and decolette area. Choose between any of the 7 colors depending on your goals. Each color has its own unique benefits, so a daily rotation may be a good choice. There is adjustable brightness and automatic timer functions.  Power consumption is 8W.

💡TWO YEAR WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If at any time within 60 days you find that you are unhappy with our mask, you are welcome to return it for a full refund. We also offer a 2 year warranty and friendly customer service. If any issues were to arise with your mask that was not a result of misuse, we will happily either replace or repair it for you.

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