Our Mission, Your Health

Established in 1999, Living Well Today is a family-owned wellness center revolutionizing chronic illness management. With over 50 years of cumulative experience, a global clientele from 27 countries, we lead in virtual restorative medicine. Our personalized methodology addresses the root causes of chronic illnesses, realigning the body, mind, and immune system through bioenergetic insights. We provide a roadmap to vitality, helping you thrive rather than just endure.

Our commitment is to integrate diverse modalities proven to be effective, including Functional Medicine, a carefully curated selection of supplements and cutting-edge scientific wellness advancements, tailoring our approach to each individual to achieve unprecedented results. Why feel better tomorrow when you can start Living Well Today!

Meet Our Dedicated Team!

  • Michael Payne, MS, CRC, CNS

    Discover Mike Payne at Living Well Today – Your Expert in Holistic Wellness. With 25+ years' experience, Mike specializes in complex health issues like autoimmune conditions & neurodegenerative disorders. Begin your transformative journey and start Living Well Today!

  • Aaron Payne, N.D.c ,C.H.P.

    Elevate Your Well-Being with Aaron Payne at Living Well Today International. With 15+ years of expertise, Aaron specializes in holistic solutions for optimal health. Explore supplements, neurofeedback, and more for personalized wellness. Start your journey today!

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