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Unlike other illnesses, chronic disease does not simply go away. It produces invisible symptoms that can make even simple everyday tasks seem impossible.  If you’re searching for answers and a better quality of life, you’ve come to the right place.

At Living Well Today, we offer an alternative to suffering. Our personalized restorative approach treats the underlying causes of chronic illness and helps to realign the body, mind, and immune system.  By focusing on your body’s bioenergetics, we are able to understand the scope of your chronic disease and develop personalized solutions that are truly obtainable. We understand the exhaustion and stress you feel from dealing with a chronic illness and offer a way forward. Instead of simply surviving through the day, learn how our personalized approach can help you thrive.

Think, feel, and live better with the help of Living Well Today.

Our Staff:

Michael Payne, MS, CRC, CNS
Michael Payne is the founder of Living Well Today and the creator of The Solamar Solution. He graduated from the Medical College of Virginia at VCU with a master’s degree in Rehabilitation. Michael has been engaged for many years in helping families with Autism, Lyme’s Disease, and Brain Restoration. With a synergistic blend of functional medicine, restorative endocrinology, and bio-therapeutics, Michael is known as an innovator in autoimmune and neurological rehabilitation. He is a popular speaker and has appeared at numerous conferences, organizations, and national radio shows. Michael is a visionary thinker who has developed many new tools and techniques for detecting chronic imbalances that conventional medicine does not address. He is known to many as the “The Guy for complicated immune issues” because he has delivered over 40,000 consultations worldwide, and has developed the most advanced library of biofeedback-surveys available. Michael is currently engaged in developing innovative new techniques with low level laser light therapy and other energy medicine modalities

Aaron Payne, N.D.c ,C.H.P., has been working at Living Well Todaysince 2006.  He has become an integral part of the business developing relationships with our customers, to providing general wellness scans.  His vast knowledge of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine, homeopathy and supplements allows him to provide superior patient support.