Our Mission to Your Health

Our mission at Living Well Today is to transform the landscape of chronic illness management by integrating diverse modalities and personalized approaches. We are dedicated to restoring health and vitality to individuals worldwide, empowering them to thrive by addressing the root causes of illness and nurturing holistic well-being.

.Pioneering Health Solutions for your Wellness Journey

Established in 1999, Living Well Today is a family-owned wellness center driven by passionate individuals united in their mission to revolutionize the management of chronic illnesses, positively influence lives, and redefine the concept of health preservation. With a cumulative experience of over 50 years, a clientele spanning 27 countries, and a vast selection of hand reviewed supplementations. Living Well Today International stands at the forefront of restorative medicine, consistently delivering superior outcomes.

Living Well Today offers an alternative path for health and wellness. Our personalized restorative methodology targets the root causes of chronic illnesses, realigning the body, mind, and immune system. By delving into your body's bioenergetics, we gain insights into the complexities of your chronic condition, crafting personalized solutions that are truly attainable. We recognize the fatigue and stress accompanying chronic illnesses and present a roadmap towards vitality. Rather than merely enduring each day, discover how our personalized approach can empower you to thrive on your wellness journey.

Our commitment is to integrate diverse modalities proven to be efficacious, including Functional Medicine, energy medicine, IV Therapies, psycho-emotional therapies, alongside cutting-edge scientific advancements sourced globally, tailoring these approaches to each individual to achieve unprecedented results.


Meet Our Team


Michael Payne, MS, CRC, CNS

Michael Payne is a pioneer in the field of holistic wellness, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to autoimmune and neurological rehabilitation. As the founder of Living Well Today and the mastermind behind The Solamar Solution, Michael has dedicated his career to helping individuals achieve optimal health and vitality.

A graduate of the Medical College of Virginia at VCU, Michael holds a master’s degree in Rehabilitation, providing him with a solid foundation in the principles of healing and restoration. Throughout his career, he has been deeply engaged in assisting families dealing with complex health challenges, including Autism, Lyme’s Disease, and Brain Restoration.

With a holistic approach grounded in functional medicine, restorative endocrinology, and bio-therapeutics, Michael has earned a reputation as an innovator in the field. His synergistic blend of modalities has yielded remarkable results for his clients, making him a trusted authority in autoimmune and neurological rehabilitation.

Michael's expertise extends beyond clinical practice; he is also a sought-after speaker who has graced the stages of numerous conferences, organizations, and national radio shows. His visionary thinking and commitment to advancing the field have led him to develop cutting-edge tools and techniques for detecting chronic imbalances overlooked by conventional medicine.

Profoundly known as "The Guy for complicated immune issues," Michael has conducted over 40,000 consultations worldwide, leveraging his vast experience to provide personalized care and innovative solutions to his clients. His dedication to advancing the field of holistic wellness has led him to become the foremost expert on red light therapy and frequency medicine, pioneering innovative techniques with low-level laser light therapy and other energy medicine modalities.

As a visionary thinker and tireless advocate for holistic health, Michael Payne continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the field of integrative medicine. Through his pioneering work, he is empowering individuals worldwide to reclaim their health and live their best lives.

Aaron Payne, N.D.c ,C.H.P.

Aaron Payne is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness and the co-founder of Living Well Today International, a distinguished organization dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their optimal well-being.

Co-founding Living Well Today International alongside his father, Aaron brings over 15 years of expertise in integrative medicine to the forefront. His extensive knowledge encompasses a diverse array of disciplines, including supplements, homeopathic medicine, red light therapy, and frequency medicine. Aaron's dedication to remaining at the forefront of wellness practices has driven him to undergo extensive training in functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and neurofeedback.

Throughout his career, Aaron has devoted significant time and expertise to specializing in the autism spectrum. His deep compassion and steadfast commitment to his patients have garnered him recognition as one of America's top autism practitioners, nominated by Autism One.