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BORAGE-INTRINSIC by Physica Energetics

Hormonal Anti-inflammatory
Ingredients: Borage (aerial parts) Borago Officinalis; Flax (seed) Linum Usitatissimum; Pau d’Arco (bark) Tabebula Impetiginosa; Red Clover (flower) Trifolium Pratense; Borage (oil) Borago Officinalis; Milk Thistle (seed) Silybum Marianum 4:1 extract
Dosage: 30 drops orally in warm water 2x daily

Traditionally may assist with:

Calcium transport (Vit. F) to the binding sites e.g. thyroid, skin, muscle cramps

Liver and pancreas support
Thymus immune builder

Circulation / Thyroid support
Ringworm expulsion

Anti-inflammatory (prostaglandin precursors)
PMS / Menopause

Prostatic Hypertrophy
Omega-6s (flax/borage)

Restores adrenal vitality after illness