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Cilantro Intrinsic by Physica Energetics

Core Cilantro Blend may be utilized to promote elimination of heavy metals within the body, and to support the excretion pathways involved in this process.

Increases fecal bile elimination (natural primary route of elimination of sulfhydryl reactive metals from the body)Cilantro Intrinsic is a synergistic blend of Spagyricbotanicals that has been specifically designed to support the body in the elimination of mercury and heavy metals from intracellular tissue, the brain and the central nervous system. This blend of carefully chosen botanicals offers an effective means of mobilizing mercury stored in the intracellular space (attached to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes, etc.) and in the nucleus of the cell, thus assisting in the reversal of DNA damage caused by toxic mercury. These herbs mobilize this toxic load and flood the connective tissue to flush out metals that were previously hidden (Cloaked Disturbances). The complementary herbs used in Cilantro Intrinsic then aid in the excretion of the metals via urine and feces. Many practitioners report using Cilantro Intrinsic when the case becomes “stuck” due to lymphaticcongestion at an “unobservable level” (rigid signals). Cilantro Intrinsic is a central remedy in all metal detoxification programmes.