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Dr. Mercola Clear Air Room Purifier

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Eliminates Odors & Cleans Room Air
Plug-in Ion Generator
Voltage  100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions  .4.25" H x 3.50" W x 2.50" D
Weight  6.35 oz.
Effective Area  50 sq. ft.
The ClearAir Room Air Purifier is a plug-in purifier designed to combat some of the strongest odors in your small room. Pet odors, cigarette smoke, and other household odors are all kept in check with the purifying power of the ClearAir Room Air Purifier. Its compact size is also perfect for travel, allowing you to take fresh air anywhere.
Activated Oxygen: Otherwise known as 03, activated oxygen harnesses a unique ability to safely provide you with a clean living space by assisting with odor removal.
Ionization: Ionization electrically charges particles in the air, making them clump together and quickly fall out of your breathing space, creating a much cleaner and fresher environment.
Plug & Purify!: Simply remove the Clear Air Room Air Purifier from the package, plug it into your desired outlet and turn the dial to start cleaning the air in your environment! It's that easy!
Maintenance?: The ClearAir Room Air Purifier requires no maintenance aside from an occasional alcohol swabbing of the vent and port. These quick swipes will keep your unit clean and running smoothly.