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Eco Adrenal 100 90 cap by Professional Health Products

With the ever-increasing mental and physical stressors of modern living, more and more people are experiencing adrenal burnout. Among the primary symptoms associated with adrenal burn-out (exhaustion) are anxiety and panic attacks, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, severe allergic reactions, sugar cravings, suppressed immunity, weight gain, insulin resistance, inflammatory reactions, and a reduced defense against stressors. These occur because adrenal hormones exert such a wide-spread influence on the body's carbohydrate, protein, and lipid metabolism, immune response, thyroid function, cardiovascular health, and overall resistance to stress. Adrenal gland health is crucial for energy and stamina. Eco Adrenal 200 promotes healthy adrenal function and enhanced adrenal adaptation to stress by providing 200 mg of the whole adrenal gland extract, including the adrenal cortex and medulla, which are necessary for proper adrenal and endocrine function. The adrenal gland extract in Eco Adrenal 200 provides the body a high concentration of biologically-active proteins, hormones, nucleic acids, and small amounts of corticosteroids needed to support both the medulla and cortex portions of the adrenal gland. The result will be increased energy levels, improved immune function, reduced anxiety, greater ability to adapt to and handle stress, and restoration of balance and health to the adrenal gland. Note: The only individuals in the Accelerator category who should use this product are Mixed Accelerators with a low adrenal function.