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Matrix Nutritionals Series was designed as an eclectic offering for the Physica Energetics line of remedies primarily to assist in the “reactivation ofthe mesenchyme” (Dr. Reinhold Voll), via the nutritional complement pathways. These pathways are present in every system throughout the body and require balanced attention. In keeping with the principles of BioEnergetic Medicine, the remedies nourish and support these systems without punishing them with overstimulation or imbalancing factors, which, ultimately, is counterproductive. This approach has been carefully and respectfully designed to provide the necessary natural (organic where available), synergistic factors in proper energetic and biochemical ratios, to ensure assistance towards yielding a deep and lasting result. They are not to be confused with replacement therapy nutraceuticals that may seem to help for the moment, until the patient stops taking them or the condition is driven deeper. These remedies honour The Legacy of BioEnergetic Medicine, and are known by both patient and practitioner to be exceptionally effective.