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NanoGreens10 12.7 oz by BioPharma Scientific

With each season's harvest, the taste of the pure and natural ingredients in NanoGreens will vary slightly.Physician Strength FormulaNanoGreens herbal extracts are not irradiated and are prepared using pure water extraction processes (solvent & alcohol free).100% vegan ingredients.Contents sold by weight, not volume.BioPharma has created a quantum leap in nutrition through its patented nanotechnology. The NanoSorb molecule maximizes absorption of the nutrients. This process creates unique nano-sized water/lipid molecules that are optimally absorbed by the body.Fruits and Vegetables to the Power of 10**NanoGreens is a scientifically balanced and complete natural food supplement. It is formulated to supply the phytonutrient based antioxidant power of 10 or more servings of dark greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables of all the colors.