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Ortho Dophilus 60 Capsules by Protocol for Life Balance

    • Convenient Vial Delivery System With Complete Liquid B-Complex

    • Quickly Delivers 10, 000 mcg of Vitamin B12

    • Provides a Full Spectrum of B Vitamins

    • Sugar Free, Sweetened with Xylitol

    • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

    • Refreshing, Natural Flavor Blend of Raspberry, Strawberry and Cherry

    B Vitamins are essential components in most major metabolic reactions as they play an important role in energy production, including the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins.* Vitamin B12 facilitates energy production and is required for nucleic acid (DNA) synthesis, methionine synthesis from cysteine, and normal myelin synthesis in the nervous system.* Along with vitamin B6 and folic acid, adequate levels of vitamin B12 are required to maintain healthy plasma homocysteine levels.* The elderly and strict vegetarians are often at risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency, either due to low dietary intake or decreased absorption.* B12 10, 000 mcg Nutri-Dose™ is a convenient and palatable liquid formulation that is absorbed quickly by the body, delivering rapid, energizing nutrition.*