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TruFlora 32 Vcaps by Theramedix

TruFlora 32 Vcaps by Theramedix

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TruFlora® combines powerful probiotic strains and fiber-digesting enzymes in a formulation that can be used alone or ROTATED with other probiotics to enhance overall probiotic effectiveness. Used alone, TruFlora® colonizes intestinal contents (food in small intestine, waste in colon) and prevents domination by undesireable microorganisms when they are first ingested. Used together with other probiotics, particularly those that colonize intestinal surfaces (visit, TruFlora creates a comprehensive Internal Probiotic Culture (IPC) where both surfaces and contents are colonized. TruFlora® delivers > 15 billion probiotic CFU and > 10,400 units of betaglucan digesting power deep into the intestinal tract. This exerts powerful probiotic action: The probiotics produce bio-cleansing quantities of lactic acid, the enzymes digest betaglucans. The targeted net result is a return to regularity and normal bowel function. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. PATENTED FORMULATION: Getting probiotics and enzymes through the acidic stomach and into the intestinal tract ALIVE is critical to maximizing their ability to eliminate undesireable microorganisms. TruFlora utilizes buffered alginate-gel technology protected by U.S. patents 7,122,370 and 7,229,818.

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