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Mucan 50ml. by Pekana

For treatment of yeast and fungal infections. Helps promote a healthy acid-base balance. MUCAN drops heal mycotic infections caused by Candida, Mucor racemosus and Aspergillus niger. This medication is extremely effective as it helps change the body's systemic terrain -- the most important step in combating fungal infections. As French physiologist Claude Bernard stated, "The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing". Once the body's natural internal terrain has been severely altered by toxins or drugs -- creating a highly acidic tissue pH and overly alkaline blood pH-- ideal conditions exist for mycotic infections to proliferate. The microbes also multiply and thrive through improper nutrition, stressful lifestyles and latent infections caused by the remains of their protein membranes that the immune system fails to eliminate. These microbes steal the nutrients required for proper metabolism and poison the system, playing an insidious role in the creation of many difficult-to-diagnose diseases, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many forms of cancer. As a result, MUCAN drops are strongly indicated for patients who suffer from environmental or systemic intoxification, particularly those treated frequently with allopathic antibiotics or antimycotic medications. This powerful spagyric remedy has a profound antimycotic and antibacterial effect on the blood and tissues, and changes the internal terrain to such an extent that Candida, Mucor and Aspergillus cannot develop into higher, pathogenic forms.