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Grounding Pet Bed




  • 🌎PREMIUM MATERIALS: The Hooga Pet Bed lining is made of 68.2% polyester, 29.4% cotton, 2.4% conductive silver fiber. The pet bed comes in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) and includes a 15 foot grounding wire to connect to the ground port on a standard outlet.
  • 🌎 SIZING:  The Small measures 20"x15" (pets up to 20 lbs).  The Medium measures 30"x20" (pets up to 35lbs).  The Large measures 36"x27" (pets up to 55lbs).  The XL measures 44"x35" (pets up to 95lbs).
  • 🌎HOW IT WORKS: Grounding uses the earth's natural energy to improve health and well-being. The earth carries a slightly negative electrical charge. When you come into direct contact with the earth, either by standing barefoot on the Earth or by using an indoor conductive grounding system, this charge is transferred to your body. In your body, these negatively charged free electrons work as antioxidants which neutralize the harmful free radicals and helps you to realize many health benefits.
  • 🌎SET UP: Just attach the snap-on cord to the grounding pet bed and insert the prong at the other end of the cord into the ground port on a standard electrical outlet. This will allow the slight negative electrical charge from the earth to flow through the cord and onto the conductive silver thread lining of the interior of the pet bed so that your pet can enjoy the benefits of grounding while relaxing at the same time!
  • 🌎HOW TO TEST: Please see below for an instructional video demonstration on how to test for continuity as well as do a body voltage test using your grounding product. These tests clearly demonstrate the Hooga grounding products are extremely effective at grounding the body.