Mike Story

Mike is a former Investment Banker whose life took an unexpected turn due to a progressive neurological sports injury and a devastating fall down a flight of stairs.

This series of events left him disabled and disillusioned with the conventional healthcare system, which offered little more than generalized symptom-focused treatments.

Despite undergoing a failed neck surgery that left him even more debilitated, Mike refused to accept the limitations imposed by traditional medicine.

Driven by a relentless determination to regain his health and mobility, Mike embarked on a journey of self-rehabilitation. He enrolled at the Medical College of Virginia, where he filled the gaps left by conventional medicine with a deeper understanding of the body's bioenergetic system. Peeling back the layers of molecular communication within the body, he uncovered the deficiencies that contribute to illness and forged a holistic approach to healing.

After graduating at the top of his class, Mike founded Living Well Today in 1999, determined to provide others with an alternative path to wellness. For over two decades, he has been at the forefront of alternative health and functional medicine, assisting over 700,000 individuals with complex conditions ranging from Autoimmune complications, Lyme Diseases, Cancers, Spectrum Disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Mike's holistic approach has led to the development of renowned targeted protocols, leveraging non-invasive testing methods, targeted combinations of supplementation and light & frequency therapy. His mastery of bio-feedback software allows him to listen to the body's signals and uncover the root cause of illness, guiding clients towards lasting wellness.

Continuously driven by his passion for progress, Mike remains committed to advancing the field of functional medicine. Through ongoing research and the integration of cutting-edge technology, he seeks to provide individuals with the tools they need to reclaim their health and vitality. Join Mike on the journey to holistic well-being, where every step brings new discoveries and transformative possibilities.

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