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2x PRO300 + 2x PRO1500

2x PRO300 + 2x PRO1500

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2x PRO300 +2x PRO1500 + Vertical Stand

PRO1500 is a high powered, full body red and near infrared light therapy device designed to provide you with affordable, effective light therapy at home. The advantage of this large light therapy device is that you can treat a large area of your body at once. Full body light therapy is beneficial for enhanced energy, recovery from workouts, faster wound healing, hair regrowth, pain relief and much more! The PRO1500 is modular and stand compatible, meaning it can be connected to other panels in the PRO series and attached to either of our mobile stands to create even larger, custom full body set ups. The panel features 300 dual chip LEDs emitting red and near infrared light at clinically proven wavelengths.

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