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Alpha Lipoic Acid 25 mg 90 caps by Kirkman Labs

Alpha Lipoic Acid 25 mg 90 caps by Kirkman Labs

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Protects the body against free radical damage and protects cells and tissues.* Hypoallergenic. Gluten and casein free. Capsules are plant based. Ultra Tested®.

Kirkman’s Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful and versatile nutrient with antioxidant activity that helps protect the body against free radical damage and, as a result, is a protector of many types of cells and tissues.* It also helps increase glutathione production, which supports detoxification processes in the body.*

Alpha lipoic acid is a nutritient with unique antioxidant activity in that it is both fat- and water-soluble. Other well-known nutrients with antioxidant activity can only function within their soluble media. Because of its dual solubility, alpha lipoic acid can function in both fatty and aqueous parts of a cell and is capable of defending against a wide variety of invading free radicals.*

Alpha lipoic acid is found naturally in foods such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, liver, heart and animal muscle tissue. Its bioavailability from food may be limited, however, because it is bound to a protein called “lipoyllysine.” Preliminary research suggests that the alpha lipoic acid found in supplements may be more biologically active than when bound to this protein in food.

Kirkman's Alpha Lipoic Acid is a versatile and hypoallergenic supplement that protects the body against free radical damage and supports detoxification processes. Its unique antioxidant activity, both fat- and water-soluble, benefits various cells and tissues, while increasing glutathione production. Plant-based capsules and Ultra Tested® for purity.

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