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apo-DOLOR by Pekana

apo-DOLOR drops are highly effective against migraines, as well as headaches caused by nervous tension, emotional conditions or internal regulation dysfunction, including stomach and intestinal dysbiosis. This remedy also helps relieve joint and muscle pain, particularly in the neck, lumbar region and limbs.
Pain due to inflammatory conditions it is recommended to combine apo-Dolor with apo-Oedem.
For pain associated with allergic hypersensitivities combine apo-Dolor with Proaller
Ingredients / Therapeutic Profile: Aconitum 3X (trigeminal neuralgia, neuritis), Anacardium 6X (nervous exhaustion, ringing in ears), Bryonia alba 3X (pounding headaches, toothaches), Gelsemium sempervirens 4X (migraine headaches, heart irregularities), Menyanthes 3X (neuralgia, neck pain, pain in limbs), Sabadilla 3X (dizziness, brain fog, rheumatic conditions), Spigelia 3X (trigeminal neuralgia), Piper methysticum 1X (mental exhaustion, joint pain)
Aconitum 3X is a classic headache treatment that addresses burning and stabbing pains with the feeling of "running ants" (formication) and numbness. It also helps relieve restlessness caused by psychic stress, and reduces hypersensitivity to light, noises or even the slightest draft of wind.
Anacardium 6X treats nervous exhaustion due to mental strain and combats stabbing pains in the head, eye pressure and ringing or humming sounds in the ears.
Bryonia alba 3X addresses pounding headaches and stabbing pains in the limbs associated with gastrointestinal tract problems that point to a systemic insufficiency. It also treats joint pains exacerbated by movement that can hinder sound, healthy sleep.
Gelsemium sempervirens 4X eliminates congestive, migraine-type headaches brought on by emotional excitement, as well as headaches related to sinus infections and eye strain or dysfunction. It also helps prevent heart irregularities that can lead to collapse.
Menyanthes 3X provides relief from pressure headaches and trigeminus neuralgias. This substance also addresses fever attacks, disruption of body heat regulation, and cramps of the joints and organs.
Sabadilla 3X resolves dizziness and brain fog, along with central nervous system dysfunction and the regulation of heart function. It also helps regulate proper stomach function, and treats pathogenic rheumatic and nervous system conditions.
Spigelia 3X primarily addresses the left-sided pain of trigeminal neuralgia that affects the eyes and nose area, and normally is most intense at mid-day. It also treats conditions of excitement and heart muscle pain that often correspond with this condition.
By influencing the limbic system to help balance emotional processes, Piper methysticum 1X addresses neuralgias triggered by fear and nervous tension. These conditions are often found in persons who are mentally overtaxed and exhausted, or who show sclerotic changes due to aging.