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Blue Light Therapy

💡BENEFICIAL WAVELENGTH: Blue light at 415 nm has been found to be beneficial in varying skin treatments and can be mood enhancing. Blue light is best for superficial (surface) skin treatments to improve skin texture and reduce enlarged oil glands. It can help with removing sun spots, acne, and even scars that were originally caused by acne.

💡SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The Hooga LED light therapy device is ideal for all skin types. The LED lights are UV free, non-heat producing bulbs that don't have any side effects. Suggested operating time is about 10 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times per week for overall skin health.

💡LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This hand held light therapy device allows you to take your skin care and therapy with you wherever you go. This device weighs less than 2 pounds and takes up only a small area, so it's easy to bring with you while you are on the go whether it be traveling for fun, work, or just a weekend get away!

💡COMPLETE SET: The Hooga handheld device is a complete set, featuring a 24W bulb comprised of 12 Blue LED bulbs as well as a socket with a braided cord, plug, and power switch. Many competitors sell big and bulky LED sets or uncomfortable face masks. With the Hooga Blue Light handheld device you have everything you need to conveniently start enjoying the benefits of blue light therapy with one small, affordable device.

💡SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You are covered by a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from Hooga plus our 60 day return policy. Our dedicated customer service team will handle any of your inquiries within 12 working hours. If for some reason you don't like your LED Light Therapy device, you can return it no questions asked.