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Bolym-Ex 50 ml by Pekana

Bolym-Ex 50 ml by Pekana

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Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of:

Acidum benzoicum 5X
Acidum formicicum 5X
Aristolochia clematis 24X
Asa foetida 5X
Avena sativa spag. Peka 4X
Berberis vulgaris spag. Peka 5X
Calcium phosphoricum 8X
Capsella bursa-pastoris spag. Peka 5X
Galium aparine 5X
Daphne mezereum (Mezereum) spag. Peka 8X
Piper methysticum spag. Peka 10X


Acidum benzoicum D5 is a detoxification agent used in the treatment of uric acid diathesis, and making it an excellent joint remedy for arthritic conditions. It helps treat symptom that affect one or more joints, as frequently occurs in patients with Lyme borreliosis.

Acidum formicicum D5 serves as a general-purpose “retuning therapy” that helps modulate immune system function. The advantage of Acidum formicicum when compared to Echinacea, for example, is that it does not directly stimulate the immune system, but instead immunological balance.

Aristolochia clematis D24 (Birthwort) helps treat joint diseases, inflammation, and diffuse pain that radiates into different parts of the body, a pattern often seen in some forms of neuroborreliosis.

Asa foetida D5 has been used historically to treat different types of nervous system complaints and psychic illnesses. However, it also affects physical over-sensitivity to pain and irritability that may occur following suppressive drug treatments or use of antibiotics.

Avena sativa spag. Peka D4 is an important remedy for nervous exhaustion, and functions as a reliable strengthening and energizing tonic. Lyme patients with neuroborreliosis commonly suffer from symptoms of severe fatigue, which this remedy helps combat.

Berberis vulgaris spag. Peka D5, promotes the excretion of uric acid and cleans toxins from the organs, especially the liver and gallbladder. It also protects the body against infection and toxic damage that can cause renal insufficiency.

Calcium phosphoricum D8 – similar to Avena sativa – is an energizing ingredient that primarily affects the nervous system. It can greatly benefit patients who suffer from exhaustion, a lack of concentration, and memory disorders associated with Lyme disease.

Capsella bursa-pastoris spag. Peka D5 helps treat uric acid diathesis and provides a “metabolism-cleansing” effect, according to BEYERSDORFF, and also helps relieve painful neuralgias.

Galium aparine D5 helps activate the immune system, stimulates liver function, promotes excretion via the kidneys, and is highly effective in cleaning the blood of endogenic and exogenic toxins. It therefore helps borreliosis patients via harmonization of the metabolism and improvement of immunological processes.

Daphne mezereum (Mezereum) spag. Peka D8 – In addition to its therapeutic role in treating skin diseases, this ingredient helps alleviate rheumatic complaints in the joint synovia, muscle fascia, and periosteum. This plant also addresses neurological symptoms, including weakness and cramp-like convulsions.

Piper methysticum spag. Peka D10 brightens the patient’s mood, and provides a calming and relaxing effect. It combats ongoing psychological stress – which can act as an immune suppressant – to provide a peaceful feeling free from worry and anxiety. Moreover, it is recommended for patients who suffer from serotonin synthesis disorders that can occur due to long-term chronic inflammation and the resulting activation of the indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase or tryptophan 2,3 dioxygenase, which further depresses their mood.

BOLYM-EX spag. Peka oral drops do not represent a standalone therapy or replacement for herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics. Rather, the drops should be administered in support of a conventional medical or naturopathic treatment to help the body regain its balance.

Throughout treatment of chronic borreliosis, it is strongly recommended that BOLYM-EX spag. Peka drops be combined synergistically with other powerful PEKANA remedies, appropriate to each patient case.



Duration of Use:

Combines Well With:

  • apo-HEPAT for liver function disorders
  • RENELIX for kidney function disorders
  • ITIRES for lymphatic congestion
  • MUNDIPUR to promote toxin excretion
  • AILGENO for spleen dysfunction
  • PSY-stabil for anxiety, nervous exhaustion
  • apo-DOLOR for pain, neuralgia
  • INFLAMYAR for muscle weakness and joint pain

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