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Epsom Salt Cream 4 oz by Kirkman Labs

Epsom Salt Cream 4 oz by Kirkman Labs

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A topical cosmetic preparation that supplies sulfate in a creamy, mild absorbable base. Gluten and casein free. 4 oz cream.

Magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salts, has been valued for many years because of its diverse benefits. Rich in sulfur compounds, Epsom salts and Epsom salts soaks and baths are commonly used to promote relaxation. Epsom salt products can also support the sulfation process in the body. This is particularly useful for some special needs individuals who lack the normal level of sulfates.

The sulfation process is linked to an enzyme system known as phenol sulfotransferase (PST). Normally, PST is involved in a process called sulfo conjugation, whereby a group of potentially harmful chemicals known as phenols are attached to sulfate and thereby eliminated from the body. When there is a lack of sulfate in the bloodstream, phenolic compounds may build up in the body, and this in turn can interfere with neurotransmitter function.

If the body doesn’t have enough sulfate the impairment of PST activity may explain some sensitivity reactions to a variety of phenol-containing foods, such as apples, grapes, chocolate, food colorings, and some herbs and spices.

Low sulfate levels can also:

• prevent the detoxification of metals and other environmental toxins in the body;
• inhibit the release of pancreatic digestive enzymes thereby hindering digestion;
• limit the activation of the hormone CCK, which plays a role in socialization

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