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Family Wellness Kit by DesBio

Family Wellness Kit by DesBio

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Keep Your Family and Friends Healthy This Season with DesBio’s Family Wellness Kit!

Sniffles, Booboos, Owies, and Tummy Bugs. The average family sees it all. Sometimes even on a weekly basis! When those mini crises arise, your patients need tools to help manage symptoms fast. The NEW! Family Wellness Kit offers a combination of supplements, herbs, and homeopathics for a more natural approach to family health and safety. Your patient can keep this easy-to-use kit in their home medicine cabinet for natural, effective, and non-toxic solutions for their common household ailments.
Each kit contains nine full-size products – Immune Support, Smart Silver Gel, Upper Respiratory Support, Mucinease, Throat Spray, TriCurcumin, Celeragesic Gel, Bug Bouncer, and Nausia. These products are specifically designed to support immune health and temporarily relieve the symptoms of many common household ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches, sore throat, insect bites, sprains, gastric issues, etc.

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