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Fitted Grounding Sheet

Fitted Grounding Sheet

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🌎 GROUND WHILE YOU SLEEP: Our grounding fitted sheet is made of a blend of 94% cotton and 6% silver fiber. This blend provides excellent conductivity, softness, comfort, and skin-friendliness so you can stay grounded all night long as you sleep. The sheet is Queen Size, measuring 60 inches by 80 inches by 15 inches.

🌎 HOW TO USE: The Hooga Grounding fitted sheet is very easy to use. Simply spread it out on your mattress like a regular fitted sheet, snap the grounding connection cord onto the metal stud on the side of the sheet, and plug the other end of the cord into the grounding jack of a wall outlet. When any of your skin is in contact, you will then be directly connected to the earth, providing grounding benefits.

🌎 WASH INSTRUCTIONS: To wash the grounding sheet, we recommend washing it by itself using cold water and a gentle, natural detergent. If possible, tumble dry on low heat setting or hang to dry in order to preserve the life of the silver fiber fabric as long as possible, ensuring conductivity for many nights to come!

🌎 BENEFITS: Grounding uses the earth's natural energy to improve health and well-being. The earth carries a slightly negative electrical charge. When you come into direct contact with the earth by using the sheet, this charge is transferred to your body. In your body, these negatively charged free electrons work as antioxidants which neutralize harmful free radicals and help you to realize many health benefits.

🌎 HOW TO TEST: For an instructional video demonstration on how to test for continuity as well as do a body voltage test using the grounding sheet, please see the video in the sidebar underneath the product photos. These tests clearly demonstrate that the mat is extremely effective at grounding the body.


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