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Grounding Socks

Our grounding socks are made of 40% Cotton, 25% Silver, 29% Nylon and 6% Spandex. The silver fiber makes the socks conductive, so you can wear socks while using your grounding mat or other grounding products without needing to be barefoot. You can also plug the included grounding cord directly into the socks.

Our sock is designed to be a unisex ankle sock that will fit most people’s feet. The spandex in the sock makes the sock stretch to just about any foot size. The sock looks and feels great on both men and women. 

Whether you're working, relaxing, or engaging in physical activities, our conductive silver grounding socks can be worn in many ways. Wear them during your normal daily routine as a regular sock when not plugged in. The sock can also be worn while stationary, and plugged into a grounded outlet. Finally, wear the sock when you want to use a grounding mat but don’t want to be barefoot. Wear them to the gym, to the office, or relaxing around home!