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HG24 Stand

HG24 Stand

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💡HANDS FREE LIGHT THERAPY: This stand is compatible with any of our HG24 light therapy devices. The stand allows for hands free light therapy. Simply screw the device into the base and then insert the base into the stand holder. Perfect for using at work, a home office, a bedside table, or even in the kitchen.

💪STURDY & NON SLIP: The light therapy stand comes with a sturdy metal base affixed with 4 non-slip pads underneath which allows you to easily move the stand without creating any noise or leaving any scratches on the table.

↔ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & HEIGHT: The stand features a wide base and sturdy materials with good weight in order to support the red light therapy device at any angle. The desktop red light therapy stand is adjustable from 10.6” to 15.4” in height. A set screw knob adjustment keeps the height adjustment from slipping.

🎤MULTIPURPOSE STAND: Our light therapy stand also comes with a 3/8” to 5/8” screw adapter, and doubles as a perfect microphone stand. Universal compatibility for a wide range of microphones. Choose any angle you’d like for the light therapy device or microphone you’re using in the stand.

✅TWO YEAR WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If at any time within 30 days you find that you are unhappy with the stand, you are welcome to return it for a full refund. We also offer a 2 year warranty and friendly customer service. If any issues were to arise with the stand that are not a result of misuse, we will happily either replace the panel or repair it for you.

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