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Testing the “serum thiol protein” in any animal before using it and after a month on the product will reveal the huge change in the disease process. Thiol values, when statistically analyzed and graphed, can be placed on a scale of good to poor health status categorizing different risk groups. Very poor DNA repair as determined by the test, can be a warning of impending risk to mortality, whereas, very good test values can be seen as a measure of good health and longevity. Taking Advanced Cell-Life causes serum Thiol to climb rapidly, indicating major DNA repair is taking place. It is important to have all eliminative organs working so all toxins can be removed from the body so they will not effect the DNA negatively. WHAT IS FULVIC ACID? As originated in nature, or through very high quality processing and refining, fulvic acids are biologically active, low molecular weight (i.e., small molecules) derived from humates or fulvates. Organic fulvic acids are created by micro-organisms in the soil, for the purpose of transporting minerals and nutrients from the soil into the plant. From there, complex photosynthesis reactions produce the components of all the various parts of the plant. Muco-polysacharrides (complex carbohydrate sugars) flow throughout the plant for nourishment. Some are returned to the roots. There, the micro-organisms are nourished and produce fulvic acid to complex with minerals and nutrients to restart the cycle again. LIFE-GIVING NUTRIENTS IN, TOXINS OUT - It is known that fulvic acid is readily admitted into living cells. This may be in part due to its low molecular weight, its electrical potential, its bio-transporting ability, and other factors just waiting to be discovered and understood. Scientists do know, however, that once inside the living cell, fulvic acid aids in the selective trading or supply of minerals and other nutrient factors inside the cell. Can you begin to see why this is so important - first, it gets into the cells, and second, once in them, it may be the very catalyst that makes sure the cells get precisely the amount of minerals and other nutrients they need. In addition to carrying essential nutrients to the cell, it has been shown that fulvic acid can actually chelate toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Fulvic acid is effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic materials - everything from heavy metals and radioactive waste to petro-chemicals. In fact, it has been shown to be so effective that tests are soon to be conducted on a new system designed to compost land fill refuse using fulvic and humic acids to safely render all toxins harmless. THE SCIENCE AND CHEMISTRY OF FULVIC ACID - Fulvic acid is involved in complex biochemical reactions in living plants and animals, which directly influence the very metabolic processes at the cellular level. To the science of living cells, fulvic acids are vital in bringing substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals into water solution and delivering their living energies to the living cells. In terms of benefits to all living organisms, organic fulvic acids: Greatly enhance the bioavailability of important trace minerals. Regenerate and prolong the residence time of essential nutrients in the cells. Modify the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals. Enhance the permeability of digestive, circulatory and cell membranes. Increase the metabolism of proteins contributing to RNA and DNA synthesis. Increase the activity of a multitude of enzymes. THE ELECTRIC POTENTIAL OF A CELL IS ITS "LIFE FORCE - Electrical stimulation in most cells is the equivalent of biological activity. The cells disintegrate when their electrical potential is reduced to zero. When the electrical potential is reduced, progressive weakness and illness may occur. A person’s electrical potential may be lowered by loss of blood or fluids, excessive emotional stress, accidents, lack of sleep, lingering infections, and an unbalanced diet. Scientists theorize that electrical and chemical balances at the cellular level can be created and controlled by electrolytes. Perhaps the most effective known electrolyte found in nature is the powerful fulvic acid organic electrolyte that restores, regenerates, regulates and balances cellular life. When the cell is restored to its normal chemical balance, and thereby achieves its bio-electrical potential, life flourishes where sickness, weakness, disintegration and death would have resulted. This is the fulvic acid phenomenon. SUPERCHARGE & EXTEND LIFE OF CELLS - Organic fulvic acid electrolytes contain and transport essential nutrients, essential and trace minerals in a highly charged bio-available form and serve as an outside electrical force. They charge, recharge and restore the potential that is or once was normal to the cell, and in doing so, balances and supercharges cellular life. The fulvic acid electrolytes act as a miniature battery charger, providing a small but constant charge of nutritional and mineral energy replacement. They create a natural balance for many life processes and help each cell perform at its maximum potential. Toxins and heavy metals are taken up by the fulvic acid electrolytes, to be carried away from the cell and discharged from the body. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ASSIMILATE - As a transporter of energy-rich and bio-electrically charged nutrients and minerals, the fulvic acid electrolytes greatly increase the percentage rate of absorption through the digestive system of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and herbs into the circulatory system. From there, they carry life force energetic compounds to and easily through the cell membrane, across the cytoplasm and directly to the nucleus of the cell. At this point the Fulvic Acid electrolytes discharge electrical energy and their nutrient and mineral components. It is literally recharging and replacing exhausted or diminished components within the nucleus of the cell. The minerals and nutrient wastes are complexed and taken from the nucleus, then transported back across the cell for removal. Fulvic acid electrolytes act as a donor, and at other times as a receptor based on a cell’s requirement for balance. They also absorb both positive and negative electrical charges from free radicals in a process of neutralization. PESTICIDES AND HERBICIDES HAVE DEPLETED NUTRIENTS - This natural balance for many biological processes includes active participation in oxidation-reduction, electron transfer and catalytic reactions. Many people are aware our soils are depleted of minerals and nutrients. They were eaten in the food grown many years ago. Precious little remains in most soils. However, only a few scientists are aware that the fulvic acid is also seriously depleted. Because of the pesticides and herbicides, most of the microbial life in the soil is gone. What is left is depleted and weak. As a result, less fulvic acid is produced. Less fulvic acid means less minerals and nutrients will be taken up by the plants. SUPPLEMENT WITH MAXIMUM LIQUID MINERALS - since we are what we eat, our bodies receive less minerals and nutrients. Now it’s becoming alarmingly apparent: the deficiency of fulvic acid may be the most critical factor missing in our dietary deficiencies. Only in a few places on earth are there abundant deposits of organic fulvic acids. They occur in humic shale deposits and are interspersed with colloidal minerals. Unfortunately, much of the available Fulvic Acid in humic shale is highly complexed with toxins and heavy metals. The concentration of fulvic acid is usually quite low. Fulvic acid is so water soluble it was leached from the humic shale by water from rain and other sources millions of years ago. The deposit where Advanced Cell-Life is produced from is a one-in-a-million location that produces the highest quality fulvic acid ever found. No other site on the planet so far can come close to the pure quality of and grade of these Fulvic & Humic acids. Add to this our technologies that puts this formula into a class by itself.