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Lithium 16oz by World Health Mall

Lithium 16oz by World Health Mall

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FOR HYPER ADULTS OR CHILDREN:The principle to guide us is ..... On one end of a scale say to the left ... a person is very hyper ... and to the right end of the scale ... the person taking the formula you are using is getting sleepy. You may want to be right in the middle of these two extremes. Without the formula to help, the person may be bouncing off the walls or just lacking focus, but use enough of the formulas to get right where you may want to be.You may increase the amount of the formulas until you see the person relaxing in behavior and if begin to get sleepy, back off as thay may be too calm to enjoy life.This may give you time to get to the root of the real problem which may range from, perhaps a measule virus in the brain, fungus overgrowth, heavy metals, constipation, bacterial infection, not enough Glutathione, etc., etc.1/ For mild focus problems "ADD-UP" Mini-minerals may help to relax a person or child and help them to process any natural food sugars to improve focus. IF THE ABOVE STEP DOES NOT WORK:2/ Perhaps the next step to try is using our "SLEEP IS GOLD" and combining it with our "SUGAR BALANCE".Sleep is Gold may relax the person or child while the Sugar Balance may help them process sugar and insulin properly.IF THE ABOVE STEP DOES NOT WORK:3/ The person or child may be very hyper due to much internal stress and needs help to calm down enough to focus.Try our POT/LITH formula which is made not from a drug but Mini-mineral food grade crystals in the right form and right size to be absorbed. This POTASSIUM & LITHIUM formula may help the over-active person or child to calm down enough to enjoy life. You may combine this with the "Sugar Balance" formula.This also may help the person or child to calm down enough to stop repeating an action or behavior over and over.IF THE ABOVE STEP DOES NOT WORK:4/ A person may try our straight LITHIUM minerals combined with our "SUGAR BALANCE" formula.This may work on the extreme person or child under a lot of internal stress.*When using complex or colloidal elements it is estimated that the human biology will be able to breakdown and absorb 1%. Sometimes up to 5%. If the recommended dose is 2,000mg’s daily of a complex element, to derive the approximate need of a mono-atomic, multiply by a 1% probable absorption to get the answer. 2,000 X 1% = 20mg. When using a mono-atomic element that is close to if not 100% absorbable the RDA may not apply.

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