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World Health Mall

Magnesium 16oz by World Health Mall

Magnesium 16oz by World Health Mall

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Mini Minerals are in a class to themselves. Your cells may absorb more readily. A typical colloid can be up to 10,000nm, or 10µm in size, or about the size of a red blood cell. Mini Minerals, on the other hand, are about the size of 10 hydrogen atoms! Which do you think would be best suited to penetrate cells?

Magnesium Helps to Support:

Airway health*
Healthy and normal involuntary body movements*
Healthy and proper growth*
Muscle health*
Healthy and happy disposition*
Healthy eating habits*
Normal calcium balance in organs*
Healthy cardiovascular electrical impulses*
Monthly feminine health*
Healthy muscles*
Healthy nerve transmission*
Healthy calcium balance in blood vessels*

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