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Migraine Relief Green Light Bulb


đź’ˇMIGRAINE & TENSION RELIEF: The specific, narrow band of green light emitted from the Hooga green light therapy bulb works specifically to ease photophobia and provide migraine relief so you can get back to doing what you love without the pain or tension associated with a migraine.

đź’ˇSPECIFIC, STUDIED WAVELENGTH: Our green light bulbs emit a specific and well studied green wavelength of light at 520nm which creates smaller electrical signals in the brain than regular light. Other green bulbs or lights end up using a film or a wide band which may include wavelengths of light (like blue and yellow) which end up making a migraine worse.

💡CALMING & RELAXING: The Hooga light bulb’s natural green glow works to calm the brain which in turn may help reduce anxiety, reduce pain and tension, soothe the eyes and help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

đź’ˇHOW TO USE: Our green light therapy light is a non-pharmacological, natural and effective way to relieve the pain associated with a migraine. Go into a dark room, eliminate all other sources of light and turn the light bulb on. Spend at least 30 minutes in the green light, but longer is better.

đź’ˇE26 BASE, DIMMABLE, 8W: Our light bulbs feature an E26 medium base which will is the most common light bulb base and will fit most lamps. The 8W LED bulb is energy efficient, shatter resistant, and features a 25,000+ hour lifespan.