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OMNICleanse Detoxification Powder 14 servings by DesBio

OMNICleanse Detoxification Powder 14 servings by DesBio

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This nutritional beverage is a complete blend of micronutrients, targeted nutritionals, and botanicals. The multivitamin/ mineral core, organic fruit and vegetable blend, and superfood greens blend in OmniCleanse Powdered Beverage helps optimize nutritional status, a key component of healthy detoxification. It also contains specialty nutrients and botanicals to support each body system in the full body detoxification and drainage process. The OMNICleanse powder beverage is part of the OmniCleanse System that supports whole body detoxification. Benefits of the OmniCleanse Powder: Nutraceutical ingredients to facilitate the flushing of toxins through the matrix.Supportive ingredients for Phase1:2 Detoxification - See OmniCleanse Detoxification Program.Nutraceutical ingredients to support digestive function and barrier integrity.Botanical remedies to promote healthy urinary flora.Probiotics for immune system support.Functional nutrients for optimal nutritional status. OmniCleanse Powder Ingredients: Acetyl L-carnitine (100mg)Phosphatidylserine complex (75mg)Bacopa extract (Bacopa Monnieri) (25% bacosides) (75mg)Dandelion root extract (Taraxum officinale) (4:1 extract) (75mg)L-glycine (1000mg), L-glutamine (1000mg), N-acetyl-L-cysteine (250mg)Digestive enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase) (75 mg)L-glutamine (1,000 mg)Glucomannan (Konjac root) (500 mg) and fiber (6g)Cranberry juice extract (12:1 extract) (75mg)Bacillus Coagulans (200 million CFU)Organic fruit and vegetable blend (150mg)Proprietary super food blend (75mg)Green tea leaf extract (camellia sinensis) (90% polyphenols) (25mg)

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