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Physicians Standard

Para-Clear A by Physicians' Standard

Para-Clear A by Physicians' Standard

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Para-Clear A
For Fungus and Infection
Elimination of Pathogenic Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites by Oxygen in Ozonides.
Bottle size is 1.07 fl. oz.
Suggested Uses: Internal use: Mouth, throat, tonsils and gums: Mix with 5 oz. of water and use as a mouthwash/gargle, then swallow. Sinuses: Inhale from a hot water pot or apply directly in nasal passage with cotton swab. Vaginal Yeast: Mix with 5 oz. of water. Mixture may sting but after a couple of days, stinging will lessen due to healing. One should do the cleanse for gut and colon as well. Intestine: Mix 1-15 drops in 5 oz. of water using 3 times a day. Works against flatulence causing fungi as well as putrefactive bacteria and parasites in the colon. Draws the pH of the colon down to 6.5 and relieves constipation due to its oily properties. Colon: Best done by giving enema using 100 drops in 4 oz water.
Ingredients: Rizol Rohstoff, Wormwood Oil, Clove Oil
Other Ingredients: Nigella Saliva Oil, Artemisia Vulgaris Oil, Walnut Oil, Marjoram Oil

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