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Professional Health Products®

Neuro Nutrients 90 DR caps by Professional Health Products®

Neuro Nutrients 90 DR caps by Professional Health Products®

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Neuro Nutrients contains a powerful combination of key vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids to support neurological function. This effective product features:

Magtein® (Magnesium L-Threonate) – a unique, patented form of magnesium that is the only form of this critical mineral that can cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby providing support for cognitive health and brain function.
A robust amount of vitamin B3 as niacinamide and B6, delivering support for the heart, healthy blood lipid levels and nerves.
A proprietary blend of nutrients shown to quell oxidative stress and support neurological health – BroccoRaphaninTM a branded form of sulforaphane with myrosinase enzyme for health full-benefits; trans-Resveratrol from Japanese Knotwood); Ginkgo biloba
Avian Albumin Extract® (AAE) is a class of water-soluble proteins carefully harvested from Norwegian fertilized egg whites that provide fibroblast growth factors (FGF), which are normally released by the body to help in injury & repair. AAE has also been shown to help balance cortisol.
Phosphatidylserine as SmartPS® is a phospholipid, an important building block for healthy and functional brain cells. Dietary supplementation may improve symptoms of decline in memory in the eldery, learning, concentration, coordination and mood.
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