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Septonsil 50 mL drops by Pekana

For treatment of tonsillitis and sore throat. SEPTONSIL drops are an antibacterial medication developed for treatment of acute and chronic sore throat, tonsillitis and infections of the throat involving pus that make it difficult to swallow. This medication also helps reduce fever that may accompany these infections. As an analgesic, SEPTONSIL drops contain effective lymphatic medications to break up foci and ensure speedy drainage of accumulated toxins. In addition, this remedy stimulates leukocyte production and other defensive responses of the Mesenchyme and promotes more efficient excretion of toxic metabolic waste products. Chronic sore throat and tonsil inflammation is often due to a combination of foci, heavy metal intoxification and intestinal dysbiosis that may require long-term immune stimulation and excretion therapy, including enemas, de-acidification, minerals and the use of biological/homeopathic medications. Moreover, frequent cases of acute tonsillitis must be viewed as the body's natural attempt to rid itself of toxins and keep the immune response healthy and balanced. Although the infection is local, it provides a convenient opportunity for the system to excrete toxins stored in the connective tissues when the usual excretion pathways become overburdened or blocked. Although effective in killing streptococcal bacteria present during infectious processes, use of antibiotics actually thwarts the body's attempt to purge itself of toxins via the tonsils, can lead to therapy resistant microbes and plays a key role in the development of chronic bronchial infections, sinusitis, nephritis, neurodermatitis and even asthma. In contrast, biologically correct treatment of angina tonsillaris with SEPTONSIL drops and complementary alternative medications resolves the infection quickly and effectively without the side effects of allopathic medications.