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Smart Silver 32 oz by DesBio

Smart Silver 32 oz by DesBio

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Silver, in all its forms, has been used through the ages as an antimicrobial agent and used for numerous medicinal purposes. Some of the more notable uses have been to reduce the incidence of eye discharge by applying silver nitrate to newborns’ eyes and silver sulphadiazine is used to treat burn wound infections.
The problem with most commercially available silver was its ineffectiveness against harmful and resistant bacteria and that it can degrade quickly after manufacturing or bind to any negatively charged molecule in the body, limiting the beneficial effect. Smart Silver was developed using a patented method of manufacturing that created a more stable and bio-available form of silver that kills every strain of harmful and resistant bacteria tested.
In order to insure not only the best product, but also a safe product the company hired NAMSA, an independent laboratory, to do a toxicology study on the New Silver Solution. The test, an LD-50 test, was performed in accordance with the guidlines of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) Regulations, 16 CFR 1500. In the test work, the The New Silver Solution was tested for toxicity at the equivalent of about 100 to 200 times the normal adult dosage (depending on weight) and was found to be completely non-toxic at that level. The test work was the equivalent of an adult drinking 192 teaspoons, or about four full eight-ounce bottles of the The New Silver Solution at one time (the normal adult dosage is one or two teaspoons a day). Five other safety studies have been completed, including injected, oral, and cyto-toxicity studies. In all cases the product was found to be non-toxic.Dianne Farley-Jones MD is a family physician and homeopath. She has a practice that prides itself on its emphasis on wellness and preventive medicine. In support of the New Silver Solution, Dr. Farley-Jones has stated: "Having investigated and used various silver solutions for several years, I recognize the superiority of the New Silver Solution, which is the only silver solution I recommend to my patients. We have used it for over a year with very good results. The New Silver Solution is the only silver solution with independent research guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness, and our experience with its use in many conditions has been consistent with the research findings."

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