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Biocidin Botanicals

Biotonic 2 oz by Biocidin Botanicals

Biotonic 2 oz by Biocidin Botanicals

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Helps Restore Vitality and Energy Targets Digestion and Aids Detoxification
Biotonic™ contains organically grown traditional Chinese tonic herbs, which complement Biocidin®, with nutritional support for the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and adrenals. These tonic botanicals help strengthen the body’s defenses, and are indicated when detoxifying or cleansing herbs are used for extended periods.*
• High potency adaptogens support the HPA axis and reduce fatigue and stress response
• Includes Artemisia for support in cleansing programs
• Chinese tonic herbs restore and revitalize the vital energy or Qi* Organically grown, lab tested for impurities
• Pleasant tasting
• Supports healthy digestion

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