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Dentist in a Bottle 16 oz by AMBAYA GOLD

For a fresh, clean mouth all day long – naturally!

Natural Assistance for the Prevention and Remediation of Tooth and Gum Decay
Dentist in a Bottle™ is an amazing mouthwash solution and is one of Ambaya Gold's top selling products.
6 years ago Ambaya Gold combined fulvic with essentials oils and platinum group elements to create a natural alternative to traditional toxic mouthwashes. The results were fantastic and it's been steadily refined over the years to become the finest mouthwash available.
Your teeth and gums will feel fresh all day while it steadfastly assists with both prevention and remedial measures for gum and tooth decay. When swallowed it's a powerful immune support boost for your entire body.
Benefits may include:*

Assistance with the prevention of tooth decay
Breath freshener
Support for healthy teeth and gums
Increased immune system support