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DHEA by Viatrexx

Many articles describe DHEA as a major secretory steroidal product of the adrenal gland. It occurs in serum unconjugated or as the sulfate. It may have estrogen or androgen-like effect depending on the hormonal milieu. It may help to stimulate positive muscle development, body growth and to maintain the sex drive. Some say it may regulate the adrenals and potentially help in cases of obesity. It is said that DHEA is a :Steroid androgen with one-third the androgenic activity of androsterone . Precursors are acetyl CoA and cholesterol. DHEA is converted to testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and corticosterone. DHEA precursor for 50 adrenal hormones – ®mother of all hormones¯: a hormone reservoir. Increases cellular sensitivity to thyroid hormone.  Amount in body declines with age – peaks in mid 20’s; at 70, 10% of level at 20’s. Has anti-obesity, anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-PMS, anti-menopause and anti-cancer properties. Slows the decline of the immune system. Has anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.