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Essence of Life 32 oz by AMBAYA GOLD

An Enriching Fulvic Blend for Physical Stamina and Mental Clarity
An integral part of our health is having both essential nutrition and a reserve. Essence of Life provides a powerful combination of bioavailable ingredients, assisting the body with the fuel it needs to create a solid foundation and the energy for a thriving and fulfilling life. Benefits may include:*

Increased energy, reduced fatigue
Greater clarity and focus
Enhanced immune system function
Deeply nourished and hydrated cells
Support for cellular regeneration and communication
Healthy DNA & RNA support
Increased electrolytes
Replenishment of essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids

Whatever your present overall health situation may be today, Essence of Life™ has the potential to help you reach the next level. If you feel run down, it can help to re-energize and re-align all your body systems. If you’re already enjoying good health, Essence of Life™ can help you experience even greater mental and physical reserve and stamina.
Essence of Life™ is designed to achieve balance and homeostasis in the body by restoring certain commonly deficient minerals, nutrients, and elements. Many of our clients report that in addition to feeling physically better, they consistently feel calm, centered, and focused.
Essence of Life™ contains a proprietary blend of fulvic acid with essential B vitamins, platinum transition group elements, Himalayan crystal minerals and other vital ingredients including 105 elements, minerals and amino acids.
Most importantly, to maximize the absorption and conductivity of the formula, Essence of Life™ uses our proprietary Fulvic based delivery system.