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Heated Jade Eye Mask

Heated Jade Eye Mask

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Our Heated Jade Face Mask provides the combination of far infrared rays, effects of negative ions, and the conductive properties of these 16 pieces of Jade stone.  These three health stimulators are combined into a single, easy-to-use product with various healing properties for your eyes. 

After the Jade Stone is heated, it emits negative ions and far infrared rays that penetrate your body.  The infrared heat is absorbed in the soft tissues in your body where healing takes place.  The heat improves blood circulation which helps to relieve eye fatigue, ease dark circles and bags under the eyes, and provide a soothing and refreshing feel.  The infrared heat of the eye mask vitalizes the biological function of our cells and therefore can help to remove toxins from the blood, reduce skin wrinkles, and help to reduce eye soreness and strain. 


✅QUALITY, JADE STONES: Our heated far infrared eye mask is made up of 16 pieces of high quality Jade stones. When heated, the Jade stones emit far infrared rays and release negative ions, all which have beneficial healing and rejuvenating properties for health, wellness, and relaxation.

✅NEGATIVE IONS & INFRARED RAYS: Our heated eye mask generates negative ions (anions) to alkalize and restore the natural electrical field of cells. Negative ions occur naturally at the beach, in the forest, and other natural places. Anions reduce stress, tiredness and fatigue. The Jade stones also emit mid and far infrared energy when heated. The far infrared rays relieve pain and stress by expanding blood vessels, increasing nitric oxide in the body and improving circulation.

✅REDUCE EYE STRAIN: After long hours at work, reading, watching television, or staring at a computer screen, the combination of the healing properties of Jade, the warmth from the far infrared rays, and the negative ions being emitted can help to relax, repair and alleviate strained eyes. 

✅EASY TO USE: The mask is simple and convenient to use. Just plug it in and allow the mask to warm the Jade stones. Once warm,  unplug it and wear the mask over your eyes while you relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for travel, a nap, meditation, or breathing exercises. 

✅FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Hooga is a small business specializing in health and wellness products that help us look and feel our best, every day. We are located in the US, are always happy to answer your questions, and take pride in our customer service.

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