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Herpes Zoster Series Therapy by DesBio

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Herpes Zoster (also called Shingles): an acute viral inflammation of the sensory ganglia of spinal and cranial nerves associated with a vesicular eruption and neuralgic pain and caused by reactivation of the herpesvirus causing chicken pox (also called Zona or Zoster).Indications: Shingles (Herpes Zoster), Liver pain, Mouth ulcers.Contents: Homeopathic Herpes Zoster; one vial of each of the following dilutions: 200X, 100X, 60X, 30X, 15X, 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 5X.Dosage: Adults & children (3 years & older) one vial orally every three days. Begin with the lowest numbered vial and continue to the highest (vials are labeled 1-10). Hold solution under tongue for approximately one minute before swallowing. If symptoms persist or recur, consult your health practitioner.WARNING: Keep this and all medicine out of the reach of children. Women who are pregnant or nursing a child should seek the advise of a health professional before using.In Series Therapy symptoms often become acute about the second or third dose. This aggravation is quite common and patients should be advised to expect this. It is recommended that patients continue Series Therapy until completion for best results. If testing determines additional series are in order, reverse the administration of each successive kit (10-1, 1-10). Consider the use of drainage remedies, Smart Silver, or Venus Fly Trap herbal extract with Series Therapy.These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.