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Nattopine 60 vegcaps by NBI

•.Supports healthy blood pressure

•.Promotes healthy circulation

•.Supports healthy blood clotting

•.Promotes heart and blood vessel health

contains the highest dose combination of nattokinase and a pine bark extract to support heart, blood pressure and blood vessel health by promoting healthy blood flow, circulation and healthy blood clotting. NattoPine provides 3650 fibrinolytic units (182.5 mg) nattokinase and 300 mg pine bark extract per serving.

enhances the production of plasmin and urokinase, two clot-dissolving enzymes. Nattokinase increases tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a protein that activates plasmin so it can do its job of supporting healthy blood clotting and circulation.

Pine bark extract (Pinus massoniana) is rich in proanthocyanidins, which are strong quenchers of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Unhealthy levels of ROS are known to damage blood vessels and create unhealthy levels of inflammation. Pine bark extract helps protect from damaging free radicals and promote healthy inflammation balance to support heart and blood vessel health.