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Qualia Synbiotic Opt Digestion 4.5 oz

Qualia Synbiotic Opt Digestion 4.5 oz

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Qualia Synbiotic offers the most premium and complete support for gut health in the world. One great tasting scoop of Qualia Synbiotic in a glass of water provides 28 of the most science-backed prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and fermented foods necessary to support the entirety of gut health. Unlike gut health products only designed to support digestion, Qualia Synbiotic also supports: nutrient absorption, immune function, metabolic health, and the brain performance and mood enhancements deeply linked to a healthy gut. This level of total gut support used to require many products in a complicated regimen. Qualia Synbiotic is the world’s 1st truly all-in-one blend to support total gut health.

• Support everyday gut health*
• Helps soothe digestive discomfort*
• Helps nourishes a healthy gut microbiome*
• Enhances gut-brain connections*
• Supports healthy brain performance & mood*
• Promotes healthy immune function*

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