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The Evolution Weight Management Program

How does the Evolution Weight-Management Program support weight loss goals better than other programs?There are so many other products on the market, why should I choose this one? DesBio has provided two unique weight-management programs that are designed to meet our patients' individual goals and needs. Both Evolution Weight-Management Program options are intended to be completed under the care of a licensed health care professional and were carefully designed based on scientific research and the feedback of DesBio's team of medical experts. In addition to expertly-designed protocols, the Evolution Weight-Management Program contains a suite of supportive, professional-grade products: hA2cg Evolution ­ This exceptional formula provides comprehensive homeopathic support for weight-management, appetite, mood, and overall health and well-beingComprehensive Homeopathic Detox Program: Cerebromax, SpinalMax, Matrix Support, Detox1, Detox 2, Detox 3 ­ Essential protocol that supports all body systems involved in detoxification and drainage to effectively eliminate toxins released when fat is solubilized.EquolSlim - Advanced nutraceutical formula with extensively-researched ingredients proven to support metabolism and weight management.Appetite Control ­ Homeopathic formula to support mood and help control cravingsProfessional Weight Support ­ Contains our 21 carefully selected supportive ingredients for long-term weight managementHGH Vitality ­ A blend of homeopathic ingredients to support retention of lean body mass and healthy aging. This product is a real body and tissue rejuvenatorHormone Combination ­A synergistic blend of supportive homeopathic ingredients to support a balanced endocrine system and help reduce symptoms of discomfort associated with fluctuating hormone levels What makes hA2cg Evolution different? hA2cg Evolution is the most comprehensive, hCG product ever designed to support medically supervised, calorie-restricted weight-loss plans. Available exclusively through health care professionals, DesBio's hA2cg Evolution is the only product on the market that contains AACG-A and AACG-B ­bio-identical active amino acid chain groups that have been naturally found in the hCG molecule. These concentrated amino acid chains combined with 21 homeopathic supportive ingredients, help our patients maximize the potential of their weight-management plan. These ingredients have been utilized effectively by over 50,000 patients, and they address other issues commonly associated with a weight loss program, such as hunger, energy management, immune support, and even emotional issues. This unique formulation supports crucial body systems to: Help control appetite, reduce hunger, support glucose metabolismSupport organ systems involved in metabolism, detoxification, and drainageHelp reduce uncomfortable side-effects associated with dieting, including: low moods, lack of energy, and fatigueDiminish plateaus and ineffective periods of weight loss and improve successful maintenance of weighthA2cg Evolution contains no human chorionic gonadotropinAll of DesBio's products including hA2cg Evolution are formulated, manufactured, and sold according to rigorous standards: Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and registered as an FDA-listed productReceived a National Drug Code (NDC) Number [#57520-0751-1]Made from the highest quality ingredients availableHand-succussed for optimal effectivenessFormulated by Dr. Bruce Shelton, dually licensed, MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIH, one of the top homeopathic practitioners in the worldReasonably priced; sold to qualified practitioners only •Be sure to check with you medical doctor if you have any health conditions prior to starting this diet or any other diet. 26 Day hA2cg Evolution Packages: Option 1: 500 Calorie-Restricted Lean Body Program - Is designed for those who wish to lose between 8 and 15 pounds. It includes (1) Desbio hA2cg Evolution drops, (1) Detox & Regulation Kit (6 bottles in drops), and (1) Evolution Weight-Management Program Guide. Option 2: 1000 Calorie-Restricted Lean Body Program - The 1000 Calorie diet alternative is optimized to provide weight loss (up to 5 pounds per week) for individuals who have a BMI of 25 or less, are moderately active (or healthy enough to begin a moderate exercise regime) and want to build muscle while losing fat. This includes (1) Desbio hA2cg Evolution drops, (1) EquoSLIM (60 capsules), (1) Optimalean Protein powder (14 servings), (1) Detox & Regulation Kit (6 bottles in drops), and (1) Evolution Weight-Management Program Guide. Maintenance Package: After the calorie-restricted diet phase (including a full three days in which hA2cg Evolution drops have been discontinued), you enter the Maintenance Phase. This phase is absolutely critical! If it is not done correctly you risk regaining the weight lost during the calorie-restricted phase! These products from DesBio are designed to help you through the Mantainance Phase to reduce hunger and keep up with your metabolism. Contains: 1 - EquolSLIM (60 Caps)1 - Profesional Weight Support (1 oz)1 - Optimalean Chocolate Protein Shake(21 servings)1 - Optimalean Strawberry/Banana Protein Shake (21 servings) Detox and Regulation Kit: is a comprehensive suite of six products, each carefully designed with a specific function or organ system in mind. The detox protocol should be started a least one week before to beginning either Option 1 or Option 2 and their associated diets and continued through out the diet and maintenance phase. Contains: 1 - Cerebromax (1 oz)1 - Spinalmax (1 oz)1 - Matrix Support (1 oz)1 - Detox I (1 oz)1 - Detox II (1 oz)1 - Detox III (1 oz) Or buy the detox products individually: Cerebromax (1 oz) - for temporary relief of sleep, emotional, nervous or memory disorders. Spinalmax (1 oz) - is for temporary treatment of allergy related symptoms related to a blocked spine including spasm, pain, anxiety, and nervousness. Matrix Support (1 oz) - is for temporary relief of symptoms related to congested metabolic pathways including diarrhea, constipation, headaches, flatus, depression, lung congestion, irritated eyes, allergies, chronic inflammations and indigestion. Detox I (1 oz) - is for temporary relief of symptoms related to a congested liver and gastrointestinal tract including bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue. Detox II (1 oz) - is for temporary relief of symptoms related to a weakened and congested urinary system including frequency, fluid retention, swelling back pain, urgency, burning and fatigue. Detox III (1 oz) - is for temporary relief of symptoms related to a weakened immune system including frequent and recurrent infections, fatigue, swelling, mental sluggishness and symptoms related to chemical exposure.